About us

The Laurel Palliative Care Foundation Inc raises money to support end of life services that are not currently funded by the South Australian Government. Support means more than just medical help; people with a terminal illness also need emotional, spiritual and practical support on a daily basis.

We support families, friends, adults, children, parents…

Community – we build connections
Fundraising – we raise funds
Support – we provide grants
Events – we even climb mountains and ride bikes!

We change lives

We are a source of financial support to Southern Adelaide Palliative Services (SAPS). With our help SAPS is able to provide extra services to help people affected by terminal illness.  It’s not only patients who live with these illnesses, so with our financial assistance SAPS also helps carers, families and communities. People need practical support at home, so SAPS provide anything from precious time off for a carer, to a lift to hospital through their volunteer service. People need emotional support and time out, so we support SAPS to provide services that focus on relaxation and stress management through our Complementary Care Centre.

We are a force for change, listening to people affected by all terminal illnesses and working together to improve palliative care. People who live with a terminal illness are experts by experience – they know what they need. Together we use this knowledge to make a positive difference. This could be anything from increasing community awareness about what palliative care is or engaging the community to back the important work of SAPS to provide funds for the purchase of much-needed items and equipment.

We believe 

We believe that working with others is the key to creating community consciousness. We can ALL help by raising money through bike treks, marathons, coffee mornings and sponsored events. You can give your time in the hospice or in the home, at events or with our fundraising groups. You can share experiences online, in the media or with each other. We believe that end of life is as worthwhile and valued as its beginning and how it is lived throughout. We believe that the quality of life for people where a cure is no longer possible should be positive and meaningful, and this belief is reflected in all that we do. We believe that when we work with you, we do make the difference!