Bereavement Services

Losing someone you love can be very painful.  Following a significant loss, all kinds of difficult and surprising emotions may be experienced.

Sometimes it may feel like the sadness will never diminish. Bereavement support can offer a chance for counselling, debriefing, exploration of confusing pathways and development of additional strategies to assist in transition and supporting of others in a safe and non-judgemental manner.  Support is offered in person, via the telephone, support group or in written form.

In person support will soon be offered at additional sites across the SAPS region to increase access.  Please refer to the services summary below.


Call us to get information, find support near you or even just to talk.  You can also join one of our bereavement support groups.  Source practical information about the next steps after losing a loved one, including coping with grief and bereavement.  We are here to help!

Summary of Bereavement Services

  • Bereavement support is made available to the primary caregiver of SAPS patients who reside in the SAPS region.
  • For most people bereavement is a confusing and difficult time of emotional, financial and physical transition.
  • Extended family members (or friends who provided care) may also be supported upon request and following review.
  • The Bereavement Service endeavours to make contact with each of the bereaved families within 2 months of bereavement and offers support throughout the first year or more.
  • Bereaved family members are welcome to make contact as needed for support if they have yet to be contacted or if they have previously said no to support or the bereavement occurred sometime ago.
  • Limited after-hours weekday contact may be offered for employed people who fit the bereavement support criteria.
  • The support offered consists of individual contact and counselling, printed information, connection with other more suitable support services as required, information sessions, access to bereavement support groups, and an invitation to a remembrance service.
  • Our Bereavement Service has a full-time Coordinator and is supported through trained and experienced counsellors who volunteer their time.