Your Garden

‘A garden for thought, a place to share, for a moment of peace.’

Your Garden is for you, whenever you need it, however, you need it.

The loss of a loved one is a trying time, what can make a difference is the environment we choose to heal and reflect within. The Foundation believes that it is vital to provide the community with a space that promotes feelings of tranquillity and calm. At home or at work, it’s not always possible to focus solely on the experience of saying goodbye to a friend or family member, but we know that it is vital to find that time to just be with your memories.

Previously situated within the grounds of the Daw House Hospice and carefully relocated to Centennial Park (early 2018), the garden has been expertly created by Vivid Spaces, bringing over 15 years of experience creating beautiful outdoor getaways across Adelaide.

You too can play a role in shaping Your Garden, rustic leaves are available to purchase where you can have a loved one’s name & special message engraved, helping us create the ‘The Tree of Life’– Just like a family tree, formed by the coming together of many different journeys and by those that wish to honour each individual story in this unique way.

The Tree of Life is a symbol of our relationships to all things seen and unseen and represents our connection to life: past, present and future.This tree is formed by the many leaves which give it shape and purpose, much like our own relationships bring shape and give us purpose.

‘Your Garden’ holds an artistic representation of the ‘Tree of Life’. Every person leaves us with a legacy; something unique, like an imprint which remains with us. Each leaf on the ‘Tree of Life’ holds an individual expression of these legacies. Those who wish to honour an individual story are invited to buy a leaf to display that legacy on the ‘Tree of Life’ within the garden.

The initial set up cost is $165 which includes GST. Following a 12 month period, you will be contacted by our office to determine if you would like to continue to display your leaf for another 12 months at a cost of $60.00 per year or have the leaf returned to you to place in your own garden.