Corporate Support

By partnering with corporate, philanthropic and media organisations, Laurel Palliative Care Foundation seeks to engage all partners in a long-term, strategic and mutually beneficial relationship. We are focused on developing partnerships of involvement and commitment.

Together with our valued partners we combine resources and share ideas to deliver a range of innovative and vital programs that directly benefit patients and their families accessing palliative care services in the whole of the southern region.

We are always looking to partner with corporate organisations, whether they are a large multi-national or a small business. Whether you are large or small, there are a number of ways that you can support the work of the Foundation:

  • Support staff to hold a fundraising event
  • Set up a matched giving program
  • Get involved in an ongoing partnership
  • Provide in-kind support
  • Sponsor an event
  • Start a workplace giving scheme
  • Provide a link to the Laurel Palliative Care Foundation on your business website

We are always delighted to meet with organisations to discuss how we can tailor a partnership to meet your corporate social responsibility goals so contact us via email or phone 08 8275 1142 to chat about how your organisation can support people and their families when cure is no longer possible.